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Personal Branding in Washington, D.C.

Sample Header

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What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Stephan several times and I must say he is my FAVORITE photographer in the DMV area. Every shoot is fun, energetic, and the results are always awesome. He’s flexible, creative, and professional. Such an awesome person and wonderful photographer!”

Ally Vatthauer
Washington DC personal branding photography

“I rarely take time to sit back and really appreciate how far I’ve come in all the facets of life God has allowed me to drink from. But this photo, and the photos from this shoot capture the measurements of growth I’ve done over the years! I honestly can’t thank @1203_photography enough for capturing it! Thank you for bringing my visions to life and thank you for allowing me to sit back and see how far I’ve come from my first shoot in 2013. You were professional and fun to work with! Your creative eye was amazing to work with and I can’t wait to see what we create in future shoots! CHEERS!”

Brittany Hardin

“Stephan is an amazing photographer. His extensive technical skills and his super professional equipment combined with his awesome creativity enable him to provide super high quality pictures. My company is a talent agency of dancers and Zumba instructors. The pictures that Stephan has produced for my company has significantly increased the effectiveness of my company’s marketing and has lead to the rapid growth of our business. I’m grateful for the awesome work that Stephan does and I highly recommend him!”

Lance Smith

Put Your Best Self Forward

Your Personal Branding Shoot Includes:

• 1.5 hour pre-shoot consultation

• Flexible time photo session

• Unlimited outfit changes

• Up to 5 locations of choice

• 75 professionally retouched high-resolution images

• Online gallery

Your Personal Branding Photography session images will include Standard & Cinematic Headshots, Environmental Portraits, Workspace Photos, Lifestyle Portraits, Promotional Images, and all other images discussed during your consult and planning session.

Personal Branding Photography Sessions start at $1500.

Professional Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Styling available.

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Detailed package rates available upon inquiry below.